KwanYin ©H. Bauman


Calling upon the Divine Mother

Song to Call Upon the Divine Feminine

This song is an incantation, or a prayer to call upon the divine feminine/holy mother/goddess to provide guidance.

I like the idea of singing your prayers. This, like many of my prayer songs can be tailored to invoke whomever you are trying to spiritually connect with. Although I originally wrote this prayer song with Mother Mary in mind, her name can easily be replaced with "Holy Mother" or "Guardian Angel".

This particular song emerged when I was feeling lost, and confused. Not only about an uncertain future, but about the safety and well-being of humanity. It came from a sincere place of humility and surrender.

The lyrics are:

"Holy Mother sing to me
Voice of love - song of peace
Light the path for us to see
Set us free - and show us the way home
That we are not alone"

May it bring you peace
— H.M.B.

Buddha ©H. Bauman

Coming Soon

Song to Call Upon the Divine Masculine

Sometimes we feel vulnerable and crave protection - someone to guard us. During these times, I find a lot of solace in humbly praying for protection. Even more powerfully, I will sing a prayer of protection.

Singing our prayers raises their vibration because not only does literally resonate through our body, but it broadcasts it clearly and lovingly out to the universe.

Although I originally wrote this prayer song with Archangel Michael in mind, the pronoun "he" can easily be replaced with "she" or "your".

The lyrics are:

"My guardian - protector
my guardian - protector
Your shield is my shield
Your shield is my shield"

May you feel loved and protected.
— H.M.B.